About us

Find comfort in healing with The Mammy Company’s mastectomy pillow that is hand crafted from all-natural materials. Its unique shape will fit perfectly under any arm while contouring to the body. Generously stuffed with organic Kapok fiber that is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and naturally repels moisture; making it an unsuitable for bacteria to thrive. All while providing relief from overall pain and stress. Wrapped in a fun, colorful, bright cover that can easily be removed and popped into the washer; making it easy to clean. Lean on The Mammy Company for your pre and post mastectomy needs!

The inspiration for The Mammy Company came to me about four years ago. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 24. Who knew that this devastating news would be life changing in so many ways?

I underwent a double mastectomy and a sentinel lymph node biopsy. During my stay in the hospital I was paid a visit by a hospital volunteer who came bearing a gift of two little pillows. The pillows were about five inches by twelve inches and they were rectangular in shape. Once placed under my arms they immediately helped elevate the pain and pressure on my chest caused by the weight of my arms. Little did I know these bad boys would soon become my best friends!

They went everywhere with me and saw me through to the end of all my treatment. Towards the end of my treatment they were looking a little worn and pathetic. The quality was just not there. They were dingy looking, deflated, and were falling apart. The up keep on them was not easy seeing that they had to be hand washed, air dried, and hand stitched for any repairs. I found myself staring at these pillows and that is when I got the idea to design a better more long lasting pillow. One that would stand strong, keep up with the fight and personal journey of each and every breast cancer warrior!

I went straight to the drafting table and sewing machine. Pillow pattern after pillow pattern, demo after demo and about two years’ worth of hard work and research The Mammy Company was born along with its first product, an all-natural, hypoallergenic, washable mastectomy pillow made to withstand the drudges and pits of treatment all while maintaining constant support.

All this trial and tribulation has been the true fuel to my fire and has given me a new found passion that I wouldn’t have known to be possible. With that said it is my goal to bring comfort to each and every worrier that is facing this terrible disease one pillow at a time!